One of the best writers in the world

Trees have appeared in these pages before but today, in this QuotaBill post, one brings us a story, and perhaps, a lesson. For several days the tree had been watching the men in gray digging into the earth, and piling rocks one on top of another. She had seen them roll cannon into place behind the rocks, and knew, as did the other forest inhabitants, what was to take place. The tree had seen it many times, and come to recognize it as the curse humankind had brought to theirRead More

Best writers in the world you did not know about

About Dad’s Stuff Warren Dean (Bill) McIntyre has been writing for many of his living years and now it’s time to introduce more of the world to the man and his work. Check out what is, or will be, available below or make a quick detour to read a brief bio, of sorts, about my Dad, Bill McIntyre, in his own words. Topics If a subject is highlighted, it means one or more posts have already been made about that theme and by clicking on it, you can review asRead More