Thailand Cave rescue: All divers are now out of the cave – BBC News

Thailand Cave rescue: All divers are now out of the cave - BBC News

The rescue chief has just said all the Navy Seals – three divers and a doctor – are out of the cave.

We do not have details about their exact condition, but this extraordinary rescue mission now appears to have come to an end.

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20 Comments to Thailand Cave rescue: All divers are now out of the cave – BBC News

  1. Gabriela Als says:

    There was any woman on the divers team?

  2. V Sender says:

    Thank you everyone. Job well done. Praise be to God!

  3. Or Ma says:

    Great (from Italy)

  4. Akupara says:

    Did the kids get in through the same way or is there another entrance? How did they navigate the pinch point going in?

  5. Nicola Bibby says:

    Great news so happy for the boys and families:)

  6. joapps says:

    DONT FORGET…a man DIED …gasping for air, gasping for life
    and this bbc news is talking about having a celebration
    how can people say they are happy, how can they clap, how can they smile
    and people just say with easy words "he was a hero" and then think that is sufficient… so cheap

  7. As I am elated for all those happy and reunited families, it is joyful to watch all the celebrations, but with all this joy and happiness, least we forget that there is one family that is not. My condolences to the family of the brave man, who unselfishly volunteered and sacrificed his life for others. Thank you for your service sir.

  8. Thank you God sooooo much!!!!!!

  9. Clara OT9 says:

    but one diver passed away 😭😭😭😭

  10. Truly well done true heroes

  11. Frankie Lee says:

    That diver who died,his families should be compensated.This is no success.A tragedy.

  12. Soooo happy to see this news… thank God!

    P.S. how can 66 people dislike this video. What is wrong with them😳

  13. Ganesan R says:

    Yes.. is united… well done..

  14. Superrrr,u guys are great who rescued those boys,so sad one of diver have died,rip

  15. Blue Fox says:

    Thank God! I'm happy of this reunion!

  16. thiery572 says:

    The boys and coach are saved, but one man died because of them. Hmmph…

  17. Who cares… Russia drops bombs on Syrian civilians everyday… But rejoice, some Thai prostitutes are out of some stupid cave..

  18. Loma kakai says:

    I'm not sure about that. The fire pump went out just after the mission. This means that the rescue team inside Hall 3 only has 5 minutes to move (faster than the water level rising drastically after the fire) to come out safely. No way, leaving Hall 3 to the cave mouth may become another world mission. Oh, here it is!
    Natchanan Noonz Peeranarong last Thai seal in cave daughter .