The Global Philosopher: Should borders matter? BBC News

Michael Sandel explores the philosophical justifications made for national borders. Using a pioneering state-of-the-art studio at the Harvard Business School, Professor Sandel is joined by 60 participants from over 30 countries in a truly global digital space.
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45 Replies to “The Global Philosopher: Should borders matter? BBC News”

  1. To the very first woman in this who said there should not be any borders: I want to go and live in your house and kick your child into the street and go live in her bedroom and eat your food and go through all your stuff and use whatever I like. – she should not mind. I mean what’s a house with a fence around it but a border and she doesn’t believe they should keep people out after all!!!!

  2. Borders matter a lot Professor. From the day we emerge from the state of nature to create the state every individual need to be bound by a government and the authority of each government needs to be geographically limited.

  3. National identity and cultural heritage would perish if they are not useful. So does geographical borders. Immigrants are welcome if they are resources the host country needs, which is the general practice around the world. Refugees would go to places where they are accepted. The society and its government have to face the consequences of their attitudes and decisions taking into accounts aside from philosophical and moral considerations, like sovereignty, cost and benefits, domestic and international politics, etc..

  4. Opening borders is like opening doors for anyone to come in to your house! People these days establish things on feelings rather than the truth! That's why the society is going in a mess after a mess everyday!

  5. I agree with Lena and Simon. We don need borders to keep our culture. Christina, Angeliki, you can keep your tradition if you live in Canada where live many immigrants. if they want to oppress woman the law does not allow them, obey everyone despite their nationality obeys the law.

  6. The problem is this. I work in a Democratic culture in which I choose to pay a certain amount of money as insurance in case me or my colleagues can not provide for themselves. Also I believe my colleagues share the same values, and respect. My life is safer, my family friends and colleagues are safer. I want borders that keep me safe from people who don't work and pay for the safety of our future. This land is my land and I will kill you for it.

  7. Let's not forget the evolution of humanity as human species from tribe to city state, to nation state and now we are struggling to move to the next stage which is world stage. And at every stage of evolution humanity had to struggle hard and fight against the enormous forces of inertia just to keep the status quo. At this stage we as human beings need to embrace universal values which go beyond our national and cultural borders WHILE AT THE SAME TIME upholding those values and principles within our local cultures which contribute to and strengthen the nobility of human beings and get rid of those which do not.

  8. An interesting comment was made, "There are no rich people here, nor politicians, just intelligent, educated, middle-class people. Politicians cause the problems because they are none of those". That was very clear in all the comments. Now I have a problem with the term "national culture". This is TAUGHT, it is not what you are born with, so culture can be learned by new arrivals. I have a big problem with the term "national identity" that arises from when I try to get someone who uses it to describe what they mean. You see, I am a Briton, of Celtic heritage, born and brought up in England. So what is the culture of England? Anyone explain?

  9. how were these people picked? That utter twat Simon from the UK does not represent me or my views or the views of my friends and family. Today online the Brexit poll higher than the vote Remain. Simon's view represent a tiny minority. The BBC has been broadcasting one sided vomit inducing Liberal/Leftie UN funded propaganda all day today and I am a mug because through my lucencd fee I am funding these liars.

  10. Obivously borders matter! The world through the history organised itself within borders and obivously there is a reason for it. And I say more, a world withouth borders is a world with one only government, and one only government means dictatorship! It would be a world without any opposition, because any opposition would be seem as a treat to whole WORLD. It is a perfect communism concept, it is 1984. And believe me when I say (the evidence is in the global media) disagreeing with others is becoming a MORAL crime, every conservator in the world is being attacked, called of racist, facist, nazist and so on. In the US this happens, in Brazil its happening and in the UK by what I see in the media it is also happening.

  11. YES borders should matter, what a fucking dumb question.
    Diversity of ideology is dangerous and ALWAYS leads to war. Look at this current Muslim invasion of the US and EU, it will absolutely lead to conflict.

  12. Remove borders and cartels will cause chaos in the US, remove borders and Islam will conquer Britain ending every shred of a civilised society. these fucking loony lefties that see everything in rainbow colours are going to get us killed. The concept looks great on paper, but in reality it's a blood bath.

  13. Down with borders! bring on the New World order and their one world goverment with no borders for their 5 mil remaining inhabitants of the world

  14. 6:45 "Germany has a lot more to give"?

    Ok, and what about the over 60% of middle eastern immigrants who are on welfare both in Germany and across Europe — years before the crisis and continue to be?

    I don't see why in the long term German citizens need to be enslaved to immigrants. I mean give WHAT exactly? Give JOBS or FREEBEES. No if there are no JOBS available, Germany has nothing to GIVE anyone. Germany does not need to give away it's hard earned money long term as it has been doing to foreign people. That doesn't make any sense. That is a deceptive phrase. Weasel words. Give WHAT and for how long?

  15. the only solution to this issue is population control of that country…so that people do not have to move from one country to other….or just balance the world economy from one place so that everyone get fair share from wherever they are but this is highly impossible because the world is still not that advanced enough and for this to happen all the people have to be absolutely honest and perfect in many ways…so the world will never be perfect as we hope for…


  17. This format of trying to give everyone a voice by having so many speakers is so bad. What's the difference between this and a manageable 2-3 speakers? Even 30 doesn't give everyone a voice anymore than 3. Whomever has the least manners and talks over others is going to have the most to say, and a moderator trying to be politically correct with manners, is going to be like a bad school teacher who can not control their unruly students. Please give us, here across the pond, the distinguished BBC news reader once again. Those guys we used to listen to by buying shortwave radios. That's the BBC we used to love. This politically correct BBC is painful to watch.

  18. one argues that we need the idea of nation because of culture. However, we can see even in one nation ,there are multiple culture and languages or even disappearing of certain culture/

  19. I HAVE AN IMAGINARY QUESTION. if now we say that we are all earth citizens, so we should open the door for everyone. We define we are earth citizens because we know there is a bigger universe out there right? so, what if citizens or creatures from other planets in the future all want to move to earth. should we accept all of them?

  20. Small things like killer diseases makes this unworkable, as does certain people's hatred towards race and religion. The problem is, that many in the Western world have had medical programs to get rid of disease which in other countries are still thriving. Cure these issues, and stop seeling weapons to despots and nutjob dictators and there could be peace and travel for all.

     But, with certain Governments being able to bomb who they please creating enemies all over the world, should you not be talking to these people? As normal folk have no issues getting on and don't see colour or faith an issue.

  21. Yes…The Neighbors make the neighborhood/Nation…..

    If you live in a sewer,most don't believe in borders…

    If you live a really nice place,one wants to keep that area the way it is…….

  22. Hard topic to start with, the level of sophistication in the argument was very different between the participants. But I absolutely love this new format, it's a fantastic use of the Harvard Studio!

  23. Globalisation Agenda: Remove the borders, destroy the nation states, in order to gain bigger control over the people. If it will happen, than we all will pay the price, social unrest, civil wars, and finally a global dictatorship.
    Wake up people! Be proud of your culture, and your country! Be moderately nationalist. Other option, we all be servants of the greedy corporatists.

  24. Not all immigrants/refugees actually take the time and effort to learn the language and integrate into the culture, that is true in all countries sadly often. So, assuming all immigrants would do that is very niave. I also dont understand how in the world people think we could maintain a real legal system with law and order anywhere when people all come from places with different ideas of law and justice should be carried out and can travel without any border control all over the world.

  25. Of course the one man who should be eternally grateful for the people and Governing body of the United Kingdom for allowing him to vacate there. Is the one person who was aggressive, uncivil and felt entitled to have access to any country he wishes no matter the cost to the the country's current citizens.

  26. Opening borders is all fine but it will only create chaos. Everything that divides us like language, religion, social customs etc. are the cause which actually define our borders all around the world. Before abolishing borders what should we need is maximum commonality between global citizens which would act as bonds between all humans. We should learn how to share our resources and come in terms of respect with each other. We need to build a universal consciousness that we are human who are the citizens of earth.

  27. polls mean squat, everyone has an opinion. most people are stupid ignorant ill informed uneducated never taught critical nor objective thinking nor allowed to spend time paying attention to the world or the problems. misinformed prejudiced biased brainwashed by their own culture and society versus the competition. like teams with different jerseys all claiming the god is on their side having the moral imperative. take a poll on whether Suzy's tumor should be treated with surgery chemo cannabis sugar alcohol prayer or left to just die gods will be done. experts should decide what to do about your body or working on a car. u wouldn't take a poll on how to fix the brakes on a 2016 Monte Carlo. Same difference.
    What happens to the country the crime rate food resources jobs the people the children if you let in a bunch of refugees? consequences, he that ignores his own house is worse than the heathen. keep it simple stupid, how many people can live in a 4 bedroom house without it collapsing or unable to pay the bills. how many people can it support and for how long can a castle under siege hold out. Only 24 hours in a day nothing will change that. locusts like open borders.

  28. Somebody from an Islamic country in Germany is not in danger if Sweden refuses to let them in, but they are in Danger if Germany lets in 3rd type of 'immigrant' – the people who were persecuting them with strict Islam, in their Country of origin. Such as Islamic State Clerics

  29. Should doors on houses matter? Somebody could be seeking shelter in which to practice extreme religion, why not let them go freely into house after house until they find one good for their purposes to claim as their home?

  30. Such a stupid debate. There is absolutely not benefit to the citizens of any country to allow open borders with other countries. Especially when you live in a wealthy county with very good social security and healthcare systems, what possible benefit could unmitigated access to the country have to it's citizens?

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