Trump wants second meeting with Putin despite fallout from Helsinki summit

Trump wants second meeting with Putin despite fallout from Helsinki summit

The White House says President Trump wants Russian President Putin to visit Washington this fall. This comes the same day Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said it would be foolish to think Russia won’t target the U.S. again. The Hill editor-in-chief Bob Cusack joins CBSN with more.

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‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’ – Jeremiah 29:11

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32 Comments to Trump wants second meeting with Putin despite fallout from Helsinki summit

  1. Continuing the theme of the 07/24/2018 Rachel Maddow Show, did the one on one conversation between President Trump and Russian President Putin, in Helsinki include the exchange of war stories of when they were both bachelors on how to best hit on and pick up chicks?

  2. Rachel X. says:

    Trump sees that meeting as a business meeting so he's not going to sit there and divulge everything discussed.

  3. he better be way strong on this new meeting …russians dont respect us and want to see us at full force

  4. Hagen Garner says:

    Keep your friends close and your enemies closer…. and dont underestimate the power of flattery….

  5. If Trump did anything wrong while meeting with Putin is was not thanking Russia for trying to prevent the Boston Marathon Bombing. Trump brought up how we helped the Russians from a terroist attack. That would have been a good time to thank them and say I only wish the FBI took your concerns more seriously.

  6. Betty Owens says:

    President knows what he doing..

  7. I hope we have a US /Russian summit every month .The US media is making fools of them selfs to the free world.

  8. George L says:

    Interestingly, I thought it was just Trump's ego and ignorance displayed when he pushed the Montenegro Prime Minister aside. Now its clear to me it was under instruction from Putin.

  9. Seoul Man says:

    the summit was a huge success…sorry msm, your narrative doesn't fit

  10. TCB 1975 says:

    Just answer the damn question!

  11. Do not trust these polls obviously

  12. Edmund Banks says:

    Hey There is no Fallout This is All News Hype. For Ratings Wow How Dumb.

  13. musinclind37 says:

    Fun ghoul: As I stated, great examples of hate one-liners with no substance!

  14. I still can't believe 30 something percent of Americans still support Trump after every bad thing he has done. What has happened to this country? How are they this brainwashed?

  15. jason morgan says:

    All I wanna know is there a video program that can highlight infrared beams so we can see where snipers held there rifles pointed? That was one shaddy meeting.

  16. mark price says:

    What is this obsession with russia? Trump has some really bad handlers not giving him good advice.I am a year or more sick of hearing about russia.

  17. ElJefe45acp says:

    Cbs the network for children and liberals who think like children.

  18. ElJefe45acp says:

    What HYSTERIA will liberal media jump on next week the president wearing the wrong color tie!

  19. meauxgeaux says:

    We’re with CBS, vote Sanders- Ocasio-Cortez 2020! Socialism for America!

  20. ROG 860 says:

    Good for you President Trump.

  21. Trump is compromised.


  23. Gordon Adams says:

    Agent Orange needs further instructions.

  24. God only knows what the nature of the Russo -Trump pact might be, but whatever it is it ain't good or they would be lauding over it.

  25. He can't wait to try on the red crotchless wool bodystocking he got at his last Pooty fest.

  26. Dat Kidd says:

    Didnt obama meet putin in secret too?.. ON MULTIPLE OCCATIONS!!!

  27. Fake News XD how low those MSM can get.

  28. nandansho says:

    How's that Nobel Peace Prize commin along?

  29. Ray Yuske says:

    It wasn't a fallout tho