U.S. leaving UN human rights council

U.S. leaving UN human rights council

The Trump administration is withdrawing from the UN Human Rights Council because of what U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley described as its ‘hypocrisy’ and bias against Israel.

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25 Comments to U.S. leaving UN human rights council

  1. Rick Smith says:

    Israel? We're pulling out because our Allie Israel commits ongoing genocide and doesn't want any focus on that, shame shame shame

  2. mike tang says:

    Wonderful. We have so needed the Trump administration to bring honesty to politics and denounce hypocrisy – the UN as a whole is a joke in bad taste

  3. It is all about Israel's owners. The evil wicked witch of the west, clearly states here. It is "Israel First".

  4. Yeah Trump! Keep dropping more than Obama' 27,000 bombs annually on innocent, men, woman and children annually. It is the right thing to do?

  5. Don Jarhead says:

    Outstanding Nikki, now lets kick the U.N out of America and OFF OF AMERICAN SOIL!!!!!!

  6. I guess the way cops treat black people in the US the Un should have kicked american long ago

  7. America as usual is right in leaving the HR council. They are hypocritical in many ways and pick the easy jobs,ie refugees and illegal immigrants with no consideration to the rights and culture of the countries they try to force these people to settle in. I see it as a form of emotional blackmail which stinks.I say fukm and each country leader should take a page, no not a page but the whole book on dealing with the illegal migration flow, by the Hungarian government.
    Finally a country has seen the light and will not waste any more time and money on these type of councils
    The Un should be the next to go.
    God bless christaian democracy.

    Rambo ⚔️

  8. UN untrustworthy body , rid of the devil's.

  9. Isak IG says:

    i know how you dId to the world. i admire USA. Longlive


  11. Quiet Critic says:

    I can see where a global institution designed to protect all human rights not really fitting in with Donny''s little henchmen and the rolling out of the policies. Right now, one of the most serious abusers would be the USA. Who else you got looking up babies in cages? You lef the US of theauthoritarian governments too

  12. The UN once needed for the empire to have free passes to invade other country's and now that they get resistance they are leaving it wat a childish idiotic nation the states are

  13. Damien Lamy says:

    what fredoom usa has none

  14. I can support the Ambassador's decision; but honesty to do the right thing should surpass just resigning. The United States should also withdraw any monetary contributions budgeted to this worthless part of the United Nations. In another recent statement from the UN, they were appealing for nations to pay up. They pointed out the United States has not fulfilled their portion, so our government can reduce payment for the Human Rights Council very easily. Right? Exactly right.

  15. James Ford says:

    prostitution in the student time in Clemens university for 20 US Dollar and today under Trump UN ambassador

  16. maz-e says:

    Well done USA. Trumps got my vote!


  18. amit kumar says:

    UN Human Right Council has Dictators fill, Good step taken in the name of God by America.

  19. Mat Erin says:

    Kick them all out of the USA USA USA time for those thugs to leave shut the UN, down bunch of monsters get them of our soil ..my tax Dollar feeds these animals oh they are to unfit to be animals 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  20. C.C Rhodes says:

    The climate and humanity. Not big on the American agenda. America screws up again supporting two Apartheid Countries, Israel and Arabia. There's only one thing they'll listen to. D.B.A, Don't buy American, unless you're American

  21. James Greer says:

    Deploymacy is the art of letting someone else get your way.

  22. It is so refreshing to finally hear the truth being told by government officials who then go on to act upon it.

  23. Good job N Haley and Dir M Pompeo! UN as a whole is a corrupt organization. Let’s drive them out of US land. Let’s get out of UN. Defund UN. USA can do better than UN. God bless President Trump and God bless President Trump!