Undercover in Myanmar’s Sin city where anything goes – BBC News

Undercover in Myanmar's Sin city where anything goes - BBC News

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Illegal gambling, black markets and no government control – we take you to Mong-la…Myanmar’s Sin city where anything goes. THIS VIDEO CONTAINS SOME DISTRESSING IMAGES

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33 Comments to Undercover in Myanmar’s Sin city where anything goes – BBC News

  1. So, how were the hookers?

  2. Hika Henry says:

    nips lil fools one gonna eat em up

  3. swapsaraf3 says:

    Some Chinese are a big burden to the ecosystem

  4. I would not demonize communism, but I can see that in any system and in all the differing cultures, there arises some members more corrupt than others. Community itself is good. Capital itself is money. Being social is healthy. The question is in how it is done.

  5. It's a Libertarian paradise. Total laissez-faire economics.

  6. Bet if you speak the lingo & ask around– carefully –you could probably buy a shoulder-fired rocket, or at least some full-auto stuff.

  7. alpha tango says:

    Wtf tiger wine damn ….

  8. alpha tango says:

    Wow never knew about this, world is real amazing place

  9. And the leader called Aung San Suu Kyi of this country won Nobel Prize.

  10. Happy Dappy says:

    Whereever Chinese Step in Your Country, It Become toxic, uncompassion, greedy, danger, For all Living beings, biggest threat to nature,, dirty, corruption, hell,
    No china means more peace, , more happy,

  11. Steve says:

    Of course the Burmese are going to sell out to the Chinese.

  12. Brian says:

    50 cent party is here

  13. Dang people eat everything gotta eat!.

  14. Chinese are like a bloody plague, a virus that corrupts. They never do anything honestly, always throwing money around to corrupt the next official of which ever country they are forcing themselves on. By nature they are a corrupt culture ruled from Beijing by the top commie Globalist dictator and general enemy of the human race and frredom, president xi. Look into his face and eyes and you will see pure greed thickly covered with contempt. And dictator xi wants to bring his new social credit system to a democracy near you with fine support from google, facebook allowing intrusion to your accounts. Despicable man of a despicable country and evil humanoids ready to spreadout and colonise the globe.

  15. Hidden🤔😅😂

  16. Radu Nastase says:

    BBC is the SCUM of the World.
    Never trust them.

  17. Av Ik says:

    China has lost its mind and so it is making the rest loose as well

  18. jsadecki1 says:

    Obvcourse the tiger skull is going to cost 1000 Euros for the camera crew and news team haha they have never sold a skull for that price haha

  19. zaki rafi says:

    Country of worst and disgusting people

  20. John Zulu says:

    Disgusting use of animal parts!

  21. Anne Lane says:

    Well, Myanmar, welcome to the wide wonderful world of disease.

  22. davmanx says:

    What's the difference here and the western world
    Westerners skinned the lambs, cows, deers, killed chicks, ducks etc for food
    Don't you have prostitution and gambling back home
    Blame China again for your western sin
    You camouflaged Sinners calling others sinners

  23. Bhat Ayaz says:

    pig's dogs dirty religion werest religion budish religion fuck the dirty budish mayanmar burma dirty budish religion

  24. Bhat Ayaz says:

    dirty budish dirty budish pigs dog's of mayanmar burma pig pig's dogs dirty religion werest religion

  25. The perfect way to make a living for a woman, you got it, you sell it, you still got it.

  26. Bob Vahn says:

    this country also the one who massacre the rohingya people at this moment right?


  28. I see no problem here, worse than I can see in America, or England.

  29. ra ra ah ah says:

    Its not so secrete then…

  30. PIT BULL says:

    stinking chinese

  31. 07clk350 says:

    nothing really shocking in this video. The things talked about are all over china as well

  32. Good Lord, all or South East Asia is a shithole.