Undercover reporter: Hostesses ‘groped at men-only event’ – BBC News

Undercover reporter: Hostesses 'groped at men-only event' - BBC News

Financial Times reporter Madison Marriage went undercover at The Presidents Club Charity Dinner to investigate allegations of sexual misconduct.
She told BBC Newsnight’s Evan Davis that she was one of 130 women hired as hostesses at the men-only event and that she had been warned the men “might be annoying”. She described being “groped several times”.
The organisers told Newsnight they are investigating the allegations.

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26 Comments to Undercover reporter: Hostesses ‘groped at men-only event’ – BBC News

  1. And BBC doesn't admit that they groped a girl

  2. Soo we can not attend to women only spaces
    But women MUST attend to men only spaces
    Go an F yourself feminasis with your liberal agend and……

  3. These things happen all the time, I've been groped many times as well, in a bus, while walking in the evening, in a crowded street, in a train…… . It's extremely humiliating for a woman to go through this you feel shocked and jolted to the core of your being. Perversion at its worst!

  4. So a reporter saying that she heard that people were getting groped. She goes undercover and sees nothing.

  5. Lonn Hoffman says:

    Of course you would have to take a men’s only forum and turn it into a pity the poor woman theme

  6. Ha ha, her surname's Marriage

  7. After reading some comments I get why feminazis want to kill all men 😲

  8. Bubbacat54 says:

    Oooooh. …booohooo …..poor me…I’m a victim etc etc. You only have to read the bulk of the comments below to know that there are two sides to this issue. Some guy patted you on the arse, or made a suggestive comment ??? Oh dear me…..you poor victim ! the end of the world for you I’m sure……… at least until the compensation is paid.My lovely wife DIED a few months ago and my life pretty much ended the same day. This woman needs to get a grip of reality and perspective. I am sickened by how we are becoming a country drowning in the victim culture. Someone touched your arse, or made a remark, or looked at you in a funny way……..so what ??? That’s nothing compared to some people’s pain !!!!!………….Just grow a backbone and tell him to fuck off……….instead of whining.

  9. Usually if your rich, the women stay around to let you do stuff – a lot of them enjoy it because of the rush i guess ( i am a guy who has attended a few upscale clubs and parties thanks to a few friends) of being around rich powerful men. the others just let the guys have a good night while they cha ching their way to a nice tip. It is the same reason why many women enjoy stripping online for no pay. It is their kink to see guys enjoy their physique.

    the presidents club was just similar to a hostess bar. This Ft journalist was looking for a story, so when she couldnt film anything bad happening, she jumped on the metoo bandwagon.

  10. belfasta says:

    Nobody gets a couple of hundred quid for serving drinks that's just unreal

  11. belfasta says:

    She was overpaid

  12. M E says:

    You would have to be desperate to touch that.

  13. T GR says:

    Stupid as hell…

  14. Sajal says:

    Next time There would be a Gangbang

  15. Steve Whyte says:

    Have you ever been accosted in the street by a Hen party? You get groped, they try to kiss you, if this were a gang of men doing this it would be a sexual assault but because it's women it's just 'a bit of fun'. Just watch an episode of the 'Loose Women' fawning over some gonk from Boyzone and imagine it was a panel of men and a woman guest. This woman is trying to make a career by exposing this and the culture of ultra offence continues. I bet she flirted her way through the room hoping someone would grope her so she could make a story of it. The people who work in media aren't real people they are sensationalists looking for controversy like a truffle hunting swamp donkey!

  16. Sophistafunk says:

    Boo boo plenty of shitty jobs out there

  17. low key says:

    Pussy is life ✌

  18. crawfs83 says:

    Evidence please

  19. kinda sounds like what happens in a male strip joint , even with a hands off policy

  20. More BBC left wing crap. End the licence fee

  21. Look more man hating. She and the rest of them must hate their fathers.

  22. I 've been a hostess at many events. Not just male events. They grope you everywhere but if you make clear you don't want that kind of familiarity, they say sorry. They just try their luck. And most men never even try, only a few do, usually after a few too many drinks. Stop making a mountain out of a mole's heap.

  23. Malik Rahman says:

    She looks traumatised. I hope she gets the help she needs.

  24. This happens everywhere though? Ive been groped in nightclubs, ive been groped at work (actor at a halloween scare attraction). Theres been men on busses and trams who have tried to catcall me or but their hand on my knee. Most recently i visited an attraction where we were required to take a photo with the mascot. He put is hand around my waist and started feeling his fingers up and down my hips.

    It happens everywhere. Its disgusting. And its gotten to a point now where im just used to it. And i think most people are. Men dont realise theyre overstepping a line and women are so used to it theyve forgotten where the line is.

    Its vile and disgusting. But where does it stop?

  25. I guess she wasn't one that got her hand held and wasn't offered a job, O' the horror of being left out.

  26. Jojo Gunne says:

    If the reporter was groped as claimed then why is she not naming who it was? I smell bullshit.