US students head to Germany for free degrees – BBC News

While the cost of college education in the US has reached record highs, Germany has abandoned tuition fees altogether for German and international students alike.

BBC’s Franz Strasser looks at the increasing number of Americans who are taking advantage and saving tens of thousands of dollars to get their degrees.

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25 Replies to “US students head to Germany for free degrees – BBC News”

  1. While I do support Trump, best president ever! and I do not support craz Bernie. I do think college should be 'free to the students' like EVERY COUNTRY IN THE WHOLE WORLD OUT THERE, GERMANY, ITALY, FRANCE, ARGENTINA, ETC. is it free? of course not, it comes out of the TAXES the parents pay for. And also of the TAXES the "working students" pay for. How come every country in the world easely finds the money within our standards taxes except us? could it be because we give that money away to the super-mega-ultra rich? in giveaways/subsidies and other corporate welfare? think about that!

  2. Germany has free tution, however in Germany:
    College presidents as well as staff do not get salaries of hundreds of thousands of dollars as well as of millions of dollars.
    American universities are easy to get into, but more difficult to stay in. That's why the drop out rate in Germany is considerably less than what the drop out rate is in the United States. The reason for that is, Universities in Germany will only acccept students who can score at least 1100 on an SAT test. (Press Read more) They save money by not letting people in there who don't belong there.
    German students and educators have gone to American universities. They see that it's a circus type of atmosphere. There are no scholarships for cheer leaders in German universities as well as scholarships for athletes. There are no sports programs. The average university in the US loses money every year on their athletic programs. Germany is old fashioned. They believe that a university is for learning.
    There is very little next to no crime in Germany in comparison to the US. There's no need for campus police.

  3. It won't be like that for long. Social engineering projects and a crusade of the government against industry will soon make it impossible to fund this. This is driven by utopist green, anti-industrial and hyper-moralist beliefs of the leading caste that now controls politics, media and education.

  4. Why do Americans pay thousands of dollars for not being better educated than Germans. I still have to laugh everytime I hear that. My cousin of 2nd degree from Pennsylvania pays 5 digit figures per semester.
    But Americans are good at swollowing. They have been told that it's only and only their own fault if they can't make anything out of their lives and most Americans still believe it I guess. As long as you give them trash tv, a phone and burgers, they are satisfied.

  5. Yeah german university should be free for germans. My parents will have paid more then 30 years of taxes before I will go to university and its one of the only benefit this system has .

  6. i'm from bangaldesh, doing my graduation in Computer Science. after watching this i'm planing to move to germany for masters

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