Vestige on CBC News

Vestige 21/04/08 on CBC news.

All rights and footage courtesy of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.


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  1. are these shoes still for sale? this is such a cool idea, i can definitely see these blowing up for sure. i bet these guys have gone on to do amazing things in life

  2. I'm sure these shoes aren't for sale anymore.I had a pair 3 years ago & haven't seen any since. I researched them late and I could no longer find them. I'm roughly 95% sure they only had 2 runs of making them. The 1st one they had only 100 pairs made, then the 2nd time they had 100 pairs of roughly 8 or 9 different sizes. After that I couldn't find them anymore. It's a shame too, I thought they looked pretty damn sick and fit super comfortable for sliding & gliding.

  3. Likewise… can't seem to find any info on acquiring these shoes now. If anyone does know I'd really appreciate it if you'd share the knowledge with me. πŸ˜‰ thanks in advance!

  4. LOL! I'm the one making a big deal about something.. You're the one with your facts wrong and everything. Don't know shit about hip-hop dancing, then don't say shit (:

  5. @TimeForFunnz Lmao, so fucking dumb and EXATLY THEY ARE SIMILAR not EXACTLY THE SAME. If you didn't know, similar means they DO have differences. Don't know SHIT (:

  6. @AmplifyingPeace Crip walking and clown walking are so fucking similar. Shut up. People just say clown walk when they don't want to be associated with the crips. Kinda how the crip walk and the blood walk look the same. Shut your mouth.

  7. @TimeForFunnz AND those two vids are both CLOWN WALK. The owner of the "Crip Walk" vid doesn't know wtf he's doing. They're doing clown walk. Sorry to break your bubble, but this is reality, you are wrongs at times, and this is one of those times. BTW my vids are CLOWN WALK, not CRIP WALK. Don't tell me I'm Cripping when I clearly know that I'm Clowning Walking. Dumbass.

  8. @TimeForFunnz Lmao, they're NOT exactly the same. Dumbass. CRIP WALK has do to with the gangs. It has less speed and less stylish than CLOWN WALK. CLOWN WALK has NOTHING to do with GANGS and is a form of HIP-HOP dancing, which by observing your replies, you DON'T KNOW SHIT ABOUT. CLOWN WALKING has MORE speed and is MORE stylish. Dumbass, get your facts straight, I'm a Clown Walker, not a Crip Walker. AND MOST OF THE TIME ONLY CRIPS DO THE CRIP WALK. Stupid Dumbass shut the fuck up

  9. @AmplifyingPeace Ok queer ass. This "crip walk" /watch?v=F2TSy0Z5qTE and this "clown walk" /watch?v=qtlxCBPqM6E look EXACTLY the same. So you clearly are retarted.

  10. @TimeForFunnz LMFAO! Fuckin' dumbass! Viet Jr is Clown Walking, look at his description box in his video quote " This is the Clown Walk not the Crip Walk" dumbass, don't know shit about hip-hop dancing. Viet Jr CLOWN WALKS get your facts right, it even says it in his vids in the description box. Dumbass don't know shit.

  11. @AmplifyingPeace Really? Because in this video they show the video "Vietjr live from the kitchen" And he's going the crip walk in the video in those vestige shoes. Made for clown walking as your saying. Why would viet jr do the crip walk in clown walking shoes? Shut the fuck up.

  12. @TimeForFunnz What they're doing is Clown Walking dumbass. I Clown Walk myself… if you didn't know, which is obvious, Crip and Clown are different dumbass. Start Cripping, then tell me it's crip. I know what clown walking looks like. Go Youtube clown walking. Dumbass bitch

  13. Hello,
    I can get vestige shoes in sizes US 8,9,10
    How much do you peopel want to give for those shoes ??
    PM me if you want some πŸ˜‰

  14. @elitevenomdude The Kanata part is correct but where the school is located is incorrect, the school is actually in Toronto, Canada as far as I know since I live nearby the school, it's A.Y. Jackson isn't it?

  15. If u can't buy these, just get White Nike Cortez for $38 and some sharpies. With some imagination and effort you'll own a Unique pair of shoe ^_^
    (I haven't tried it, but good idea don't you think?)

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