Why are the Dutch so tall? BBC News

Why are the Dutch so tall? BBC News

The Dutch are, on average, the world’s tallest people, but it hasn’t always been that way.

So what happened? Scientists believe a number of factors are responsible, such as genetics, better diet and medical care.

But now there’s another theory. Research from the London School of Tropical Medicine suggests that natural selection may also have something to do with it.

Jane O’Brien went to the Netherlands to find out more.

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22 Comments to Why are the Dutch so tall? BBC News

  1. Um okay I'll be moving there soon in the near future. No one wants a 5'10 Mexican girl here in the US so I got a good chance finding love over there lmaoo.

  2. Visionery1 says:

    Simple answer: they constantly have to peer over the dykes to check how full they are. 🙂

  3. The white devils always claiming shit, just check out nilotic tribes in africa .

  4. Because white is superior.

  5. I live in Dutch country and I was asking my self that question thanks for telling me

  6. I think the growth of our body depends on the atmosphere

  7. Yes they're very tall,probably as a country,the tallest.
    Come to Dalmatia,Montenegro,Herzegovina and areas inhibited by migrants from these areas, and they're taller still. They could be grouped as one people but obviously that wouldn't be a popular opinion

  8. Daniel Lewis says:

    Tallest woman I've ever fucked was 6 foot 4 inches.. she was from Belgium

  9. They are beautiful and big boned.

  10. edd smokalot says:

    Actually theres another myth that dutch women are even taller than their men…statistically this might be true

  11. For me, the Dutch didn't seem so tall. Very exaggerated the height at them. Indeed, there are many between 1,90 and 2,00, but I am totally sure that most males are between 1,75 and 1,85. The countries around the Dinaric Mountains are indeed tall, especially Bosnia and Herzegovina where the average for a teenager boy is 1,82. Croatia, Bosnia and Montenegro also held the records for the biggest number of people above 2,00m.

  12. Ronny De Man says:

    They are taller because most of the land is a bit below sealevel … and they want to be as tall as everyone else ..

  13. Willy Roundy says:

    I’m a small boi and I’m like 80% dutch

  14. Roy Criddle says:

    Haha look at all these freakishly tall people denying how weird they look and claiming they're better than average height people! These people are pathetic. I'd rather be average than a freak any day of the week

  15. 205cm = 6ft8 !!! You idiots from BBC cant even get the measurements right. Shame on you

  16. I am dutch aswell i am 1.75 meter and i am 14 Year old and i am gonna be 1.90 meter

  17. Craig Tilley says:

    I was in an airport the other day and there was a big Dutch congregation there (I know because they were wearing Dutch sport uniforms) and the men were so tall! I'm 5'11" and some of the men were almost half my size! Crazy!

  18. Why are the Nilotic ( South Sudanese)People from South Sudan tall too

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  20. Tub Guy says:

    I hate being a short man. We are subhumans in the eyes of woman.