Youtube Star Logan Paul Apologizes After Posting Video Showing Apparent Suicide Victim | The View



todays world news – Youtube Star Logan Paul Apologizes After Posting Video Showing Apparent Suicide Victim | The View #worldnews #breakingnews #music #headlinenews

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44 Replies to “Youtube Star Logan Paul Apologizes After Posting Video Showing Apparent Suicide Victim | The View”

  1. Get over it people. Hly sht.. many peolle have and still video the forest, and yall talkin about Logan..yall need Jesus
    Specially mouthy Meaghan

  2. You know whats sad now? That this Logan guy now has this rap carrier going on. Even after this horrible incident. This Logan guy was never trying to bring awareness to suicide, prior him going to this Suicide forest, this Logan guy was doing ALOT of inappropriate things in Japan prior to this suicide forest. Just shows you that this guy wasn't trying to bring any awareness.

  3. America you criticize a guy who records a dead body for entertainment while killing 600,000+ babies in the womb every year? You're the hypocrites! Take your morally corrupt brains to the toilet where they belong!

  4. Logan, you had the opportunity with the incredible platform afforded to you to make a positive and immense impact on suicide awareness and prevention and instead you chose to belittle the pain of others, the deep depression that affects those who suicide and you made light of the preciousness of life. You may be a good guy who made a bad decision but you did it for likes, attention and the almighty dollar and for that there is no forgiveness and you will never truly be humbled until you can know what it's like to lose someone you love and who is so special to you by way of them taking their own life. But unlike I am a person with a soul and the pain of losing someone isn't something I shall wish for you. I hope you can find courage and strength to do better in life and to make a mark of this world for things greater than this moment.

  5. I agree 100% agree that video should have never been put up in the first place suicide is not a joke it is a serious problem that is happening in the world now. And to use that as an excuse just to get freaking views on YouTube for popularity is Unforgivable it's ignorant!

  6. So, Logan Paul still has 16 million subscribers on the channel. There's something seriously wrong with the world. It's very sad that YouTube still allows that bafoon to exist in it's webspace, but what the hey, when the world revolves around $ who cares whats right, right?

  7. Good lord people are pathetic… It's very simple, if you are watching something you don't like, or find offensive, be a fucking adult and turn it off… You don't go out of your way to ruin someones life and career because you think what he did was insensitive…

    This is utterly ridiculous… Live your life and be an adult you fucking clowns…

    80 years ago we had teenagers going to fight in wars… Today we have to listen to these idiots whine like a 4 year old with a skin knee about being offended… Absolutely fucking pathetic

  8. Actually laughing in situations like this is an act of panic. Being unsure. My brother was witness to the death of a policemen in denmark. He said to me that when he tried to save this guy he couldnt do anything but stare and laugh. Because he was in such panic. Very normal. Not that what Logan did was okay. But attacking him for laughing is wrong

  9. I watched his video…. he did not joke about it at all. People do deal with shock differently. Now I do think he should have realized it was wrong to show a dead body…. still younger kids aren’t sensitive anymore to important issues

  10. Ok. So when you talk about it more it is making worse and as well as that logan paul and others cope with it. As well as that if you look at the video his friends might think he is making a joke. Yes yiu shiuld not make jokes but that is logan paul and that is how he is…funny and always making jokes. So…when he is serious it is hard to belive him. So STOP critizing him

  11. Like Vegan Gains said, these people are complete hypocrites. They act like they’ve never seen a dead body on YouTube. I think they should watch a CNN reporter in Mosul, Iraq. An old man gets shot to death. Absolute hypocrites and prejudiced fools.

  12. Logan is sorry…then he gets back and films a dead rat hanging from the end of the taser..yes he made all of YouTube and Google look like a huge bunch of butt heads…same on them….

  13. That victim had a sister or brother that stared at photos of him crying themselves to sleep.
    That victim had a friend that stares at the empty seat in the bar they used to meet at.
    This victim had a mom that looked herself in the mirror and called herself a terrible mother for not being there
    This victim had a dad who drowned himself in drinks trying to forget about the empty spot at home
    Speak up
    It’s not worth it
    People care
    I was the sister
    I told myself I would kill myself but I looked at all the people who cared
    There is hate in this world but there is also love

  14. . . . . See, people coming in to Youtube, for a very long time, anything vile and discusting could get uploaded. . . . For free. Now, that corporations see youtubers get alot of views theres money to be made. So, you have corporations coming in and forcing a tv like censorship on Youtube and on regular and not so regular people. Should it happen? The decent answer yes, but also each channel is an individual "entity". They should be able to post what ever they want. Parents if anything should be to blame.

  15. I decided to look up the Logan Paul video to see if it still was around. If what I found was the original that was posted, the only problem I have with the video is that he showed the dead body hanging. Other than that, I don't have a problem with the video. I think the police need a copy of the full unedited video he shot. I think it was fine for him to post a video of what happened, but it was too graphic for his intended audience. He didn't laugh when he saw the body. He freaked out. They were in shock for a good portion of the video. They walked up to the body, didn't touch it, and filmed everything they saw. They are young adults, and aren't going to deal with the situation like experienced adults. Also, there is nothing they can do in that moment except call the authorities, which they did. They dealt with it and talked about it in the moment with each other. As the shock wore off, Logan regained his usual persona towards the last 5 minutes of the video. He is not emotionally invested in the life of this human, so any normal person for whom this happened would soon regain their normal composure. His only mistake was posting the graphic portions of the video, and if my opinion matters at all I forgive him. I think the fall out should be a fine from Youtube, an apology for his misjudgment, and the video being taken down – all of which has happened. Now if WE are going to be mature adults, we should forgive him and take time to understand him, and not condemn him because we feel self-righteous, Megan McCain.

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