'Why I had to leave my ultra-Orthodox family' – BBC News

Would you be able to leave your family and friends, knowing you may never see them again, so you could follow your dreams?

That was the choice Izzy Posen, a Hasidic ultra-Orthodox Jew faced when he decided to leave his isolated religious community.

He told BBC World Service how his life has been transformed since breaking free.

Video produced by Trystan Young and Alice Porter

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Corporation tax explained – BBC News

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From the beginning of this month a new levy has been introduced to encourage big companies like Starbucks and Apple to pay their fair share of taxes. Corporations who divert their profits away from the UK face being penalised. The BBC’s Steph McGovern has been finding out if it will bring the desired results.

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Supreme Court: Speaker says Parliament must convene after ruling – BBC News

Commons Speaker John Bercow welcomed the ruling and said Parliament “must convene without delay”, adding that he would now consult party leaders “as a matter of urgency”.

Mr Bercow said MPs needed to return “in light of the explicit judgement”, and he had “instructed the House of Commons authorities to prepare… for the resumption of business” from 11:30 BST on Wednesday.

He said prime minister’s questions – which normally takes place on a Wednesday – would not go ahead, though, because Mr Johnson was in New York for a UN summit.

However, Mr Bercow said there would be “full scope” for urgent questions and ministerial statements.

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Boris Johnson’s decision to suspend Parliament was unlawful, the Supreme Court has ruled.

Mr Johnson suspended – or prorogued – Parliament for five weeks earlier this month, but the court said it was wrong to stop MPs carrying out duties in the run-up to Brexit on 31 October.

Supreme Court president Lady Hale said “the effect on the fundamentals of democracy was extreme.”

Downing Street said it was “currently processing the verdict”.


How to Hire Today’s A Players in Genetics and Genomics Sales – Recruiting

Talent in today’s business environment is the catalyst of success. This is proven time and again by those companies that rank recruiting and talent as their number one priority, year in and year out. Companies like Apple, Disney, Nike and Google all rank a commitment to hiring top talent as their number 1 priority. These organizations are also all on Fortune’s list of Most Admired Companies.

Does this mean these organizations never make bad hires? NO! What this means is that these companies work hard to avoid bad hires, also called mis-hires. By training their managers on best hiring practices and adhering to company wide guidelines around how to recruit, interview and select candidates, these market leaders proactively set the bar higher than other competitive organizations.

It is imperative to have a great hiring system in place. While other resources can and should be used in this process development, we will lay the groundwork here to set up a proper recruiting and interviewi


Five years since Fukushima – BBC News

It was at 2.46pm in Japan, five years ago, when an earthquake triggered an utter disaster for the country. From the earthquake came a tsunami, from the tsunami, mass destruction of lives and communities, AND a nuclear meltdown at Fukushima. The situation in and around Fukushima itself remains volatile. Explosions at the plant spread radioactive material into the surrounding countryside forcing thousands of people to leave their homes. Here’s our correspondent Rupert Wingfield-Hayes

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UK Election 2019: House of Commons elects new Speaker – BBC News

The House of Commons has elected Sir Lindsay Hoyle as its new Speaker, succeeding John Bercow, a few days before the official election campaign gets under way on Wednesday. Sir Lindsay – originally a Labour MP – was formerly deputy Speaker and he secured a significant majority in the final round of voting. The Speaker’s role has been crucial in recent years — as the UK Parliament has struggled to deal with the Brexit crisis.

Meanwhile, doctors and health service leaders in England have warned party leaders against using the NHS as a ‘political weapon’ during the general election campaign and we tell you more on how political parties have stepped up their campaigns on social media in recent days.

Huw Edwards presents the BBC News at Ten and unravels the day’s events with the BBC’s chief political correspondent Vicki Young, health editor Hugh Pym, Scotland editor Sarah Smith and media editor Amol Rajan.

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Election blind dates: Peter Stringfellow and Mary Beard – BBC News

What happens when two strong-minded individuals from opposite sides of the political debate sit down for dinner?
To find out, the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire programme has organised a series of election blind dates for the general election campaign.
Businessman Peter Stringfellow, who runs a strip club in London, is a Conservative Party supporter, while historian, feminist and TV presenter Mary Beard says she is left-wing and proud.

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What is the future for these conjoined twins? – BBC News

At two years and eight months, they live in Cardiff, having moved with their father, Ibrahima Ndiaye, 50, from their birth place of Senegal.

It’s been a journey of hardship, with the family swapping a prosperous existence for one of hostels and food banks.

The girls are now safe, but a shadow looms.

Marieme’s heart is weak – so weak, she may die.

If this happens, her stronger sister Ndeye will die with her.

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