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ith regular care, you’ll experience less downtime. This simple checklist will help you maintain the life of your furnace.

Clean or replace your filter

The filter in your furnace serves a crucial job in the process of delivering warm air throughout the rooms in your home. A furnace filter is usually installed where the return duct enters your furnace. It removes particulates from the air before it moves into the furnace equipment and is heated. A furnace filter will remove all kinds of particulates, including dust, dust mites, pollen, pet dander, bacteria, spores, and more.

Inexpensive filters provide basic protection. They are designed to catch a high percentage of the particles that flow through your home. More expensive air filters offer improved air quality, which can help individuals who may suffer from allergies or asthma.

If the airflow is impeded by a dirty air filter, the furnace will have inadequate airflow and won’t operate as efficiently as it was designed. In


Furnace Service Sherwood Park

Furnace Service Sherwood Park

Living in Sherwood Park in the winter months, your home heating system is the largest energy expense.

Did you know that on average, a furnace accounts for about 45 percent of the average Edmonton family’s energy bills?

A great way to ensure your furnace is both running properly and operating as efficiently as possible is to schedule regular maintenance and periodic checkups.

In Sherwood Park AB, most wait until a furnace problem exists. Yet in most cases, a problem arises after damage has already begun. To catch a problem early ensures that your equipment remains fully functional and operational, no matter if it sits for weeks without use, or is used 24 hours per day.

With regular care, you’ll experience less downtime. This simple checklist will help you maintain the life of your furnace.

Clean or replace your filter

The filter in your furnace serves a crucial job in the process of delivering warm air throughout the rooms in your home. A


What can India do to beat an economic slowdown? – BBC News

After years of fast-paced growth, India’s economy is losing steam. In this country of more than a billion people, domestic consumption is one of the main drivers of growth but unemployment is rising and people’s purchasing power has taken a hit.
While the government maintains that the economic slowdown is temporary and a revival is not too far ahead, for now the impact of the slowdown is being felt across industries. Car sales are declining, private investment is slowing down and the shadow banking sector is in a crisis.
India’s central bank has cut interest rates to boost the slowing economy, but is this enough? And with ambitions to become one of the world’s most powerful economies, which sectors can help drive India’s growth in the next 10 years?
We speak to the vice chairman of the Indian government’s policy think tank, an independent economic analyst, and a business journalist. We ask them what India can do to beat the current economic slowdown.

Presenter: Devina Gupta
Contributors: Rajiv Kumar, Vice Chairperson, NITI Aayog government think-tank; Pranjal Sharma, Independent Economic Analyst and author; Shweta Punj, Deputy Editor, India Today and Young Global Leader (World Economic Forum)

From Delhi, #WorklifeIndia reflects on money, work, family and business.

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Australia fires: Climate change increases the risk of wildfires – BBC News

UK scientists say the recent fires in Australia are a taste of what the world will experience as temperatures rise.

Prof Richard Betts from the Met Office Hadley Centre said we are “seeing a sign of what would be normal conditions under a future warming world of 3C”.

While natural weather patterns have driven recent fires, researchers said it’s “common sense” that human-induced heating is playing a role.

Last year was Australia’s warmest and driest year on record.

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UK researchers have carried out a rapid analysis of the impact of climate change on the risk of wildfires happening all over the world. Their study looked at 57 research papers published since the last major review of climate science came out in 2013.


Somalia: Dozens killed in Mogadishu attack – BBC News

A bomb attack during rush hour in the Somalian capital of Mogadishu has killed dozens of people.

The blast took place at a checkpoint at a busy intersection in the city.

No group has yet claimed responsibility for the bomb but al-Shabab militants have often carried out attacks there.

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The largest coronavirus outbreak outside China is on a cruise ship – BBC News

The largest coronavirus outbreak outside mainland China is not in a country, but on a cruise ship.

It’s been more than a week since the Diamond Princess went into lockdown, after a previous passenger tested positive for the virus after disembarking.

With almost 500 out of 3,700 people on board tested, 174 people have now tested positive for coronavirus. Those still on board are in quarantine for another week.

But it’s not just the Diamond Princess.

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On another cruise ship in Hong Kong, 3,600 passengers people were quarantined because of fears that people on board might have the virus.

They were only allowed to disembark after tests came back negative.

And a cruise ship carrying more than 1,450 passengers, which left Hong Kong on 1 February, was turned away from ports in Japan, Taiwan, Guam and the Philippines, despite having no infections on board. It has now been told it can dock in Cambodia.

Cruise ships have for years been referred to as “floating Petri dishes” – places ripe for the exchange of germs, and the spreading of illness. #BBCOS #BBCOutsideSource


Hong Kong government offices close in worst violence in decades – BBC News

Protesters are angry about plans to allow extradition to mainland China.

In an attempt to prevent lawmakers from participating in the debate, activists blockaded main streets and tried to storm key government buildings demanding the bill be scrapped.

Police responded by firing tear gas and rubber bullets. to block them and get them to disperse.

Despite the widespread opposition, the government has not backed down.

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The Importance of Being Awesome and What It Really Means

Wake up and smell the reality around you. Remove the desire to be deceived. The news, whether you call it fake and despite which outlet you prefer, is slanted. It has some bit of truth, and a ton of opinion couched as fact, all designed to elicit emotion by using extremes.

Mark Twain said, “You can kill the truth easily, but a well told lie will live forever.” This, in reality, all points to perspective and perception; and we have all heard, “Perception is reality.”

Really, we all do perceive the world through our own eyes. In reality, we all see things a little differently. No matter your perception, reality could care less. Reality does not change. It does not adapt to our viewpoints. It is what it is. It is non-negotiable. That’s a fact.

Reality is the truth. The acceptance of reality, in other words, is dealing with the truth, and that is a moral obligation, not an option. Unfortunately, the truth often becomes a piñata for those who refuse to accept it