General Election 2019: Leaders pitch for the business vote – BBC News

Party leaders made their case to business leaders at the annual gathering of the Confederation of British Industry in London. The Prime Minister announced the Conservatives would postpone a planned cut in corporation tax next year, saving around £6bn, and spend the money on priorities such as the NHS. Jeremy Corbyn insisted that Labour was not ‘anti-business’ and promised more investment for businesses. Meanwhile Jo Swinson told delegates that the Liberal Democrats were the ‘natural party of business’ because they wanted to cancel Brexit.

With just over three weeks until the December 12th election, the BBC’s Chief Political Correspondent Vicki Young takes a look at the electoral map and which parts of the UK the party’s campaign strategists will be keeping a close eye on, where the overall result could be determined.

Adult Social Care – or how to pay for older people and those over eighteen with disabilities – is an area at breaking point across the UK and likely to become a key election issue. Alison Holt investigates the issue in England, where the system is widely acknowledged to be in urgent need of reform and more money.

Part of the BBC News at Ten’s coverage of the 2019 General Election

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